On Our Way!

Here we are in Chicago's O'Hare Airport waiting to board the plane to fly direct to Amsterdam.
(Actually, Gary is looking for a plug to charge his new iPad keyboard, and I am hanging out with the bags, but whatever...)  I am looking out the window at the plane that will be our home for the next 8 hours or so, so this flight should get off the ground on time.

(Since I am SOOOO tardy in posting this, I may as well be honest and let you all know that all my optimism about leaving on time was for naught!  They were doing some work on the plane [the nature of which, of course, had to remain secret], so we left the gate about 45 minutes late, and then sat in a very long line of jets waiting to take off because of the inclement weather that had been moving north and caught up with us.  That'll teach me!)

We got out of DFW with no interference from the weather, which was quite a relief, although a little behind schedule.  After today's stint in both airports, I will be VERY glad to be on the ground or on the ship. Seriously, when was the last time YOU went to the airport to have fun?!?!  Even so, we took turns getting a fairly decent walk in while in Terminal E.

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