Personal Update, Monday, June 3

Right now we are steaming through the beautiful German countryside toward Cologne, and I am sitting on the Lounge level listening with half an ear to Jacob, our Program Director (think Julie on The Love Boat, but Austrian and male...).  He is describing the plan for tomorrow's excursions, including one to a brewery where we will sample local microbrews and favorites (yum!).

The weather is quite beautiful at the moment although, as you can probably see from the pictures of Kinderdijk from earlier today, the day started off a little gray and blustery, but happily with no rain.

We have already met some super-fun people from various parts of the world (be sure to ask Gary about his walking tour of Amsterdam with a new friend!).  It's probably a good thing that there was only one planned excursion today, as we have both been experiencing some jet lag and, consequently, spending some time catching up on some sleep.

We have just been paged to the Welcome Dinner (more about the food onboard later!), so I will conclude this entry and get back to you all a little later....


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