Thursday Morning, June 6

For a while it looked as though there might be a mass exodus from the tour, but a decent night's sleep and a wonderful breakfast helped to blunt some of the sharp edges that had been so present in last night's "conversation" about the options available to us going forward.  We had another briefing this morning prior to the bus departure to Miltenberg, and the tempers that were running so high last night seemed to have abated to a considerable degree.  Wilhelm read us a letter from the Viking corporate offices that addressed some of the financial concerns that had been raised, which had an additional ameliorating effect.  There are still questions to be answered on a daily basis, depending upon the rate of descent of the water level, but it appears that most of us are going to tough it out.

Gary and I decided to pass on today's bus trip to Miltenberg in favor of catching up on the blog and to allow for a trip into Bamberg to do some banking and shopping at a leisurely pace.

It is a beautiful sunny day, and the temperature is anticipated to reach 70.  Things look so much better in the daylight, and it is comforting to look out the the lounge windows at the placid water (while ignoring the semis and warehouses...)

More later - auf wiedersehen!


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